"Invalid Application" error for Gmail on mobile phones

Unless u've been living under a rock and don't use a smartphone or a blackberry, you already know about all the bells and whistles of Gmail 2 for mobile. Yay to google (: Yet another reason to fall in luv. Read up more here.

However, with some of the mobile phones (Sony Ericsson C905 in my case), when attempting to install mobile gmail app, "Invalid Application" error is received.

To work around this problem, download the jar file here to your PC and transfer it to your phone or type (case sensitive) m.google.com/app/v2.0.6/L1/gmail-g.jar in your mobile browser, and install gmail in your mobile applications directory when prompted.

If you have an older phone which does not meet memory requirement for the new version, you can download 1.x version of the app here: m.google.com/app/v1.1.0/L1/gmail-g.jar or here: m.google.com/app/v1.5.0/L1/gmail-g.jar

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